Get Over It!

I’ve been told by a lot of people “shut up”. Guess you knew that already! 

Those reading this far will probably agree. I have a penchant for ranting about what goes on in my tiny little hairless head. It’s what I do. Get over it!

Of late, you will of course be aware, said head has been filled with two tired subjects. Britain leaving the EU and the freak-show that is Donald Trump. I admit it now - My name is Benedict and I am a TrumpaBrexitholic and I have a problem.   I am aware and I know most of you don’t give a fuck.

So, I figured I’d use this therapeutic Friday night, whilst my good wife (a student, under 30, preferring to binge on chai latte instead of booze - and wear the most geriatric slippers and socklets you could imagine and thereafter go to bed at 10pm - go figure!) to sit and expunge my reasons.

Firstly, Brexit.  I give little to no fucks about the economic impact.  Who cares. Most of you will care as equally as I do.  We can afford a few quid extra on petrol.  We don’t care about the unemployment rates, because we get by being employed, freelancers or living off mummy and daddy’s inheritance. I care even less about Marmite, because I like caviar on my toast.  And the pound against the dollar? Shove that shit back up yer bum - we don’t need to import, we have tea and jam!

What I care about is the right wing rhetoric that was given a voice.  That’s it. That’s all.

On to Trump.

I don’t really mind if it’s a man or woman who resides in the Oval Office (although, considering Oval consists of four letters, three quarters of them being the word Ova - perhaps it should be a lady! Tenuous I know, but as much of a reason as Trump seems to offer for himself).  I don’t really care about Americans.  Not that I dislike or have any kind of negative feeling toward them - I live way over here, in New Little Britain.  Why do I care about their choice of leader?  Apart from the tiny little matter of nuclear warfare.

My thoughts of Trump’s groping and misogyny are, at best, hypocritical.  In my mind, William Jefferson Clinton (Bill to his mates - but why, oh, why didn’t he ever get the moniker Willy?) was one of the best presidents ever to have presidented(?) over the disUnited States, outside of Mr Obama.  Despite his transgressions!  Yes, Trump has been an utter c-word (or cunt, to those less offended) to women throughout his life - but I do my best not to judge his inability to string a sentence together by his tiny-handed contempt for females.  Yes, he is unfit to run for office; as much as he is unfit to run for a donut. He is the epitome of all that is disgusting in a human being. But, that doesn’t wind me up as much as it should.

What I care about is the right wing rhetoric that he has given a voice to.  That’s it. That’s all. Again.

Brexit (and latterly Donald John Trump) has done the unthinkable.  Two, three, four, five or six years ago the civilised world would have been horrified by the thought that all the years of progress we made towards tolerance and diversity, would be dashed against the rocks in the year 2016? Who would have thought - with history as our teacher - the world would become so very right-wing and, simply (if I dare to use a non-atheist word) evil?

Let me also underline - I am very well aware that not every Brexiter and Trumpite is right-wing or racist.  I emblazon that on my lapel right now. I know some bloody lovely Brexiters (less so many Trumpites, due to geography) that have their opinions and leanings based on some very good and understandable reasons.  I will, however, push them aside and ignore them.  Not because they mean little to me, but because they are not the voice that made the change.  I focus mainly on the majority and subsequent horror that they inadvertently helped to unleash.

2016 has been created and orchestrated by a few terrifying people who needed more.  Johnson, Murdoch, Farage, Trump, May, Cameron etc.  It was based on a need for self-serving and financial or personal gain that fed on the lowest common denominator.  People. Humankind, so very easily led by lies,  fear-mongering, propaganda and rhetoric. A shameful race of scavengers that thrive on destroying difference, in order to make themselves feel safe in the comfort of their own insular lives.  I lament you.  I lament me.  As condescending as it sounds, I lament us. 

I am angry because we let this happen.  I am furious because people tell me to be quiet.  I am enraged because people don’t shout about it enough.  We will sit and cry at a film about slavery, inequality, oppression and violence towards a minority - but we will quite happily ignore what’s happening, post pictures of what we have for dinner or how far we ran (not guilty), instead of use these platforms to voice outrage.  Because outrage is boring.

Our history is there for a reason.  It taught us that everything that is happening in 2016 is wrong.  Everything that The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Express and all right-wing, fascists preach is wrong.  But, what is perhaps worse, is watching in silence as it unfolds.  

So. I moan.  I write tedious posts like this.  Because I can.  Most of the people I decry in this post wouldn’t have got past “shut up”, but I don’t really care.  This is my wall.  It separates no one and nothing.  You can chose to climb it.  You can chose to read it (sorry!). You can chose to ignore it.  But it’s my wall and I erect it in your face to do with what you will!

Peace! x

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