Giving Monday a Little Something Back

The Boomtown Rats united the country against Mondays over thirty years ago, when Sir Bob of the Geldof Shires sang (or loosely flubbered) “I Don’t Like Mondays”. They reflected the mood of the generation and all scruffy London-Irish at the time. 

Forty years ago, a more demure and some would say, better looking human being, Karen Carpenter, lambasted the easy target of a day with “Rainy Days and Mondays”, harmonising in her angelic way that they always got her down.

Then of course we had New Order yack on about Blue Monday and the flash in the pan that was The Bangles bleat about Manic Mondays. And so, music history has been littered with anti-Monday songs. A horrifying musical trend of Mondayism that we all embraced so willingly.

If Monday was a race, I don’t think we would have stood for this abuse. If Monday was a religion, there would have been several angry mobs across the world using the rhetoric against Monday as an excuse to satisfy their bloodlust with kidnap, torture and murder. If Monday was a dictator, it would have been hanged for harbouring non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

Then of course, we always forget that Monday grants us all sporadic holidays throughout the year.  Whoever heard of a bank holiday Wednesday or an Easter Thursday?  Yet no one has ever stopped and turned to Monday and said thank you. Thank you for giving me the time off to sit and relax, maybe go to the beach or party just a little harder the days beforehand.

So here’s where I lay down my arms in the fight against the Day of the Moon. I surrender in shame in this one-sided war against the first day or the week (second for some). I stand up and proclaim, today is a new day. For today is Monday.

Monday is the foundation for the rest of the days of the week. Without Monday, Friday would be Thursday. Saturdays would be spent in the office and we’d have to spend Sunday nights socialising in order to deliver a solid hangover just in time for work on Tuesday.  Without Monday, billions of scheduled timetables would need to be rewritten and reprinted, causing a collapse of western economy and untold destruction to the rainforests. Without Monday, society would simply crumble into a six day week where Tuesdays would become the new focus of hatred.

Monday is the start of all things new. The first day of spring, but once every week. The new-born child that delivers promise to the world. Monday is the birdsong on a summer morning.

I now consider Monday my brother, my friend & my lover. I shall start each Monday with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

But most of all, I shall do my job and work with pride on Mondays, while ignoring the fact that I have written this particularly rambling mess of an article in order to do anything other than my day job because I can’t stand bastard Mondays and all they bloody stand for.

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